Perfect Choice Dining

  • The ultimate choice in luxury dining, with three extraordinary ways to enjoy fine dining in The Crystal Dining Room: 

    1. Classic Main seating – previously available 
    2. Classic Late seating – previously available 
    3. Dining by Reservation™ 

    With Dining by Reservation, guests can now reserve a table in the Crystal Dining Room at a different (or same) time for each night of their cruise, if they wish. Guests simply make their reservations just as they would in the specialty restaurants Prego and Silk Road.


  • Guests can choose these options immediately.
  • Fully paid guests on 2011 cruises will be able to access the new Priority Check-in & Planning Center (PCPC) at


  • New technology has made Perfect Choice Dining possible, as our onboard dining reservation system will soon be integrated with the PCPC system. The interface of this technology enables us to offer Dining by Reservation.

Dining Hours

  • Main Seating—6:15pm (remains the same) 

    Late Seating—8:30pm (remains the same) 

    Dining by Reservation—Available every night of the cruise, at any time between the hours of 6:15pm (first reservation) to 9:15pm (last reservation), subject to availability.

How to Book

  • Guests make their dining choice at the time of booking, same as before, but now, instead of having two options to choose from at the time of booking their cruise, guests will have three options: 

    1. Classic Main 

    2. Classic Late 

    3. Dining by Reservation
  • Guests should contact their travel agent, who will then contact Crystal Cruises Reservations to change their clients’ original selection from Classic Main/Late to Dining by Reservation. Once the new selection is made, fully paid guests can reserve their dining times in advance using PCPC.
  • Once fully paid, guests can view available times and make their personal reservations online using the new PCPC. This same process is used for the specialty restaurants.
  • Guests can make their onboard reservations through the Maitre D’ or the Telephone Operator (dial “O— 24 hours a day) just as they would with the specialty restaurants.

Guaranteed Choices

  • Yes. All PH, PS and CP guests are still guaranteed their choice of seating.

Making Changes

  • Before the cruise: Guests should contact their travel agents to make a change. Travel agents should then contact Crystal Cruises Reservations or Onboard Guest Services to change their dining option. 

    On board: Guests may switch their dining selection by seeing the Maitre D’. 

    Important! As always, all requests for change are subject to space availability, whether before the cruise begins or once guests are on board.


  • All three of these dining choices (Main, Late and Perfect Choice Dining) are complimentary.

Size of Tables/Groups

  • Guests have their choice of tables for two, four, six and the maximum size of eight for Dining by Reservation in the Crystal Dining Room.
  • Yes. Just as with Classic Main/Late seating, if a guest wishes to invite another guest from traditional seating to a table in Dining by Reservation, the guest simply needs to make a request to the Maitre D’ who will arrange for the request based on space availability. This is the very same process that the Maitre D’ usually uses when a guest requests another guest to dine for a different seating (Late/Main).
  • Affinity groups and larger family groups traditionally prefer to dine at the same time in the same venue. 

    Dining by Reservation in the Crystal Dining Room is exactly like our specialty restaurant service: An affinity group cannot take over an entire restaurant. Open Dining options tend to be preferred by individual guests who like to eat at different times on different nights throughout the cruise. It is an a la carte system that attracts individuals rather than groups who prefer structure and coordination with all members.
  • We will hold guests’ reservation up to 15 minutes, just as we do in our specialty restaurants. 

    The Maitre D’ will hold the reservation for up to 15 minutes unless he is informed by the guest ahead of time and can make adjustments to the evening reservation schedule. Similar to our specialty restaurant system, if guests arrive after that time period, every attempt will be made to accommodate them in one of our other restaurants.


  • As with our specialty restaurants, a guest can choose to be waitlisted for another specific time if the first choice is not available.
  • Walk-ins are accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Number of Specialty Restaurant Reservations

  • Online at the new PCPC, guests are limited to reserving one night in each of the specialty restaurants prior to boarding. By limiting the pre-cruise reservations for each specialty restaurant, all guests have the opportunity to reserve a seating in each restaurant before the start of a cruise.
  • Yes. This has not changed. 

    Once on board, guests can make arrangements with the Maitre D’ of specialty restaurants for additional nights or by dialing “0.— Walk-ins are still accepted as well.

Back-To-Back Cruise Guests

  • Back-to-back guests should make their selection of Classic Main, Classic Late or Dining by Reservation for their first cruise. This choice will automatically carry through to their following back-to-back voyages. If they want to change the dining selection (for example, Classic Main for the first cruise and Classic Late for the subsequent cruise, or any combination thereof), they must make the subsequent selections on board.

Significance In The Cruise Industry

  • Crystal Cruises is the only cruise line in the luxury sector of the market offering this breadth of choices. Other luxury lines offer only what is commonly referred to as Open Seating. Some mass market lines have been offering these choices—but not in luxury and not with Crystal’s service standards.

Perfect Choice Dining & Open Seating Differences

  • Perfect Choice Dining offers more choices in the main dining room. 

    With common Open Seating, guests arrive at the dining room and change where they sit every evening, and potentially have a different waiter every evening. 

    Traditional Classic Main and Classic Late dining, which we have been offering since our inception, provide a reserved table at the same time every evening with the same waiter. Many of our travelers prefer this as they develop special relationships with the wait service team and their fellow diners. 

    Perfect Choice Dining offers a third main dining room choice, Open Dining by Reservation. This open-seating concept provides guests with the opportunity to reserve a table in advance with the option of variety every evening, if that’s what they prefer. 

    Guests can also decide to not make a reservation and, instead, see what is available on the spur of the moment once they are on board. However, we encourage guests to make a reservation to best accommodate all requests.

Priority Check-In

  • All fully paid guests, regardless of stateroom category and regardless of when they pay in full, can access PCPC to make pre-reservations for the specialty restaurants and the Crystal Dining Room (as well as other pre-reservation non-dining options). 

    With Crystal’s original system, category E-AA guests have access to pre-reservations only if they pay in full 180 days prior to departure, while Penthouse guests (categories PH, PS, CP) have access as soon as they are paid in full.

Additional Questions or Contact Us

  • You may direct questions or comments regarding Perfect Choice Dining to Cruise Questions