• Lives Views, our real-time webcam feature showcasing each of our ships' current world locations from various public onboard areas may be accessed under the “Our Ships— section of the Cruises Guidebook, Yacht Guidebook or River Guidebook. To access from this page, click the Live View links provided below:


  • Our website overview .pdf document will help you navigate the Crystal Cruises website and provide tips to maximize your website experience. Click view the NEW Crystal Website overview PDF.
  • To change your registered email address, go to the top of the webpage and click ‘Sign In'. Type your email address and password and hit the submit button. Next go to the top of the webpage and click on 'Edit Profile' and type in your new email address under the Login Information and click Submit. You will receive an email to your new email address confirming you are now registered under the new email address. 

    To find your password go to the top of the webpage 'Sign In' and at the bottom of the form in blue type click on 'Forgot your password'. A new page will appear and type in your email address and zip code and click submit. You will receive an email to your email address with your password.


  • To access this information visit the voyage you are interested in or are sailing on, and go to the third tab labeled Entertainment & Programs. See screen capture sample image here.
  • Dress codes for each voyage are determined closer to sailing. As soon it is available, this information may be viewed within the Itinerary webpage for each voyage.

    To access this information, enter your voyage number or the name of your cruise on the search bar (top right-hand corner of your screen) and click the Search icon (magnifying glass). Click the correct voyage from the generated search results to view complete voyage details. We identify cruise days assigned as Black Tie Optional evenings with a champagne glass icon. All other evenings, not reflecting this icon, are assigned as Crystal Casual evenings.  Click here to view our complete Clothing Suggestions/Dress Code descriptions.
  • To access this information and find the voyage you are interested in or are sailing on, enter your voyage number on the search bar and click the search icon (magnifying glass) found on the top right-hand corner of your screen. Click the correct voyage from the generated search results to view complete voyage details. Once inside the Voyage Page section, select the fourth tab labeled Crystal Adventures Shore Excursions. See screen capture sample image here.
  • From the Crystal Cruises website homepage, click the “More From Crystal— link found at the bottom of your screen to open the homepage footer menu. View the footer menu to the right-most side of the screen and under the “Before You Sail— listing, click on the 'Gift Order Form' link.

    To access and order gifts directly from this page, click:  Gift Order form.

  • To find a list of cruises, go to Voyage Finder found on the top navigation menu bar of the Crystal Cruises homepage to initiate your customized cruise search based on Destination, Cruise type and Dates (see image 1- Voyage Finder). Or, choose the appropriate Crystal product you wish to sail on and double click on the top navigation menu  and click Cruise Calendar from the drop down menu (see image 2 - River menu).



  • For our Air/Sea guests who have booked both Cruise and Air arrangements with Crystal Cruises, click the Already Booked link in the homepage top navigation menu or under Before You Sail   in the bottom navigation menu of the website to access the Crystal AirSea Program (Right Rez portal) to view your cruise and air itinerary details.