Specialty Restaurant Dining & Reservations

  • Crystal’s specialty restaurants provide opportunities for guests to enjoy a variety of culinary experiences. Our unique Specialty Restaurants are meant to be enjoyed by all of our guests, equally. It is with this in mind, that we have revised our policy to ensure each guest has a chance to dine at Prego and Umi Uma & Sushi Bar at least once during their voyage.

    Prior to cruise departure, Crystal guests are entitled to and may request for one (1) reservation in each specialty restaurant, per booking, via Crystal’s Priority Check-in and Planning Center (PCPC). Additional reservations may be requested, once on board, for a nominal $30 per person reservation fee, subject to availability at time of request. Guests on back-to-back voyages are entitled to additional complimentary Specialty Restaurant dining experiences, requested on board, depending on the total length of the cruise. Note: Penthouse category guests (PH and above) are entitled to unlimited complimentary Specialty Restaurant reservations; however, the same one (1) PCPC pre-reservation per restaurant restriction as noted above will apply. All subsequent reservations must be made on board, based on availability at time of request.a maximum of one reservation per specialty restaurant will be confirmed per booking via our Guest Check-in/Priority Check-in and Planning Center (PCPC). All additional reservations or visits (i.e. walk-in dining) will be confirmed on board on a space available

    Specialty restaurant dining reservations (excluding the sushi bar) made online via PCPC will require each guest’s Crystal Key Code.  For information, click Crystal Key-Dining here.

    Sushi Bar is not available for pre-reservation via PCPC. Sushi Bar seating/dining requests must be made on board the ship, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis, based on space availability. 

  • The $30 fee is a reservations fee that is intended to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the specialty restaurants equally. We have found that many guests enjoy the specialty restaurants and book every evening in their favorite venue. Unfortunately, that does not allow all of our guests to enjoy these restaurants throughout the voyage. With this policy we hope to ensure that all our guests will have the opportunity to enjoy the Specialty Restaurants during their cruise. Note: There is no additional charge for the food, the all-inclusive wine, spirits and beers, and gratuities.
  • To avoid confusion, a check will be presented to guests at the end of the meal that will require their signature.
  • Right now, each stateroom or suite may only make a single reservation in each of the specialty restaurants. Please note, today, if a guest makes a reservation for a table of 8, PCPC will ask you to identify the other 7 guests (to prevent multiple reservations). 

    In order to implement this new policy, we will ask for all guests names on any reservation larger than 2. A notification will be generated when a guest, who is already listed on another guest’s specialty dining reservation, attempts to make a second reservation via PCPC before the cruise.
  • When you add friends to your reservation, that reservation will take the place of their first complimentary reservations if they have no reservations currently in the system.  They will not be able to make any additional reservations in that restaurant prior to the cruise. If they already have a reservation in the system, you will not be able to book them until you get onboard.  Again, this ensures everyone get at least one reservation in each restaurant prior to the voyage.  
  • If it is the first time in the Specialty Restaurant it is complimentary, if it is the second time the fee goes into effect. It depends on when the reservation/invitations fall.
  • This room service option will not change. Penthouse and above guests may order “in— from the Specialty Restaurants as often as they choose.
  • No. Guests sailing on multiple voyages will receive one (1) complimentary reservation, per restaurant, per voyage. For example, a guest sailing on a 27-day back-to-back cruise of 3 segments (7 days + 9 days +11 days) will receive 1 (one) complimentary reservation in each restaurant for each voyage, for a total of 3 (three) complimentary reservations (i.e. 6 dining experiences: 3 in Prego and 3 in Silk Road or The Sushi Bar) per booking, per guest.
  • No, for any single voyage that is 14 days or longer each guest will be extended 2 (two) complimentary reservations in each restaurant. The second reservation will need to be made and confirmed on board the ship once the sailing begins and is on a space available basis.
  • No, we will waive all Specialty Restaurant reservation fees for all our Full World Cruise Guests. Only one reservation, per restaurant, per voyage may be booked via PCPC prior to the voyage, all other reservations need to be arranged on board once the voyage begins, and will be based on space availability.
  • No. The Sushi Bar will follow the same policy as the specialty restaurants. The first visit is complimentary. Subsequent visits will require a $30 fee.
  • Same as above, the Sushi Bar will follow the same policy as the Specialty Restaurants. The first visit is complimentary. Subsequent visits will require a $30 fee.
  • Reservations for Tastes became available via PCPC as of November, 2013. The reservations system for Tastes on Crystal Serenity was implemented onboard on voyage 3323, December 21, 2013. There is no plan to charge for Tastes. It is first come, first served, by reservation only.
  • As a new Crystal Society® benefit, we will waive the reservation fees for the specialty restaurants for any guests who have achieved at least their 50th Crystal Society Milestone. This will be on every voyage after and including their 50th Milestone. Again, only one reservation, per restaurant, per voyage may be booked via PCPC prior to the voyage, all other reservations need to be arranged on board once the voyage begins and will be based on space availability.