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Dozens of voyages travel to the farthest reaches of the globe, revealing fascinating destinations with Crystal’s expert insight and your choice of savings. Join Crystal Cruises in 2018 and 2019 on itineraries from South America, the Panama Canal and Alaska to Northern Europe, the Mediterranean and the Holy Lands. Or, travel into the heart of Europe in 2018 with Crystal River Cruises to explore the Danube, Rhine, Main and Moselle rivers on a rich selection of itineraries traveling between Amsterdam, Basel, Budapest, Frankfurt and Vienna. Regardless of which destination or manner of travel piques your wanderlust, you’ll enjoy the unrivaled hospitality and all-inclusive luxury for which Crystal is renowned.

Your Crystal Clear Choices:

  • Cruise Fare Savings of up to £307 per person 
  • Shipboard Credit of up to $600 per person

Book your Crystal voyage by 30 June 2018 and enjoy the all-inclusive luxuries of each unique Crystal Experience.

Crystal Cruises

Renowned as The World’s Most Awarded Luxury Cruise Line™, Crystal's two elegant ships, Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity, are celebrated for a superior standard of service with up to eight exquisite dining options, including specialty restaurants featuring world-class Italian specialties and signature dishes from Nobu Matsuhisa; engaging enrichment at the Creative Learning Institute® and Computer University@Sea®; elegant gaming at the Resorts World at Sea® Casino; lavish production shows and intimate piano bars; and beautifully appointed staterooms and suites, most with private verandah.

Crystal Symphony: Eligible Voyages

CruiseFrom/ToDateDaysFares FromCCC Savings Option 1:
Cruise Fare Savings
CCC Savings Option 2:
Shipboard Spending Credits
OCS180419-11Colon to Fort Lauderdale19/04/201811£3,839£307$600Request A Quote
OCS181108-24Round-trip Fort Lauderdale08/11/201824£5,610£307$600Request A Quote
OCS181202-13Fort Lauderdale to New Orleans02/12/201813£3,215£307$600Request A Quote
OCS190105-19New Orleans to Rio de Janeiro05/01/201919£5,503£307$600Request A Quote
OCS190124-10New Orleans to Rio de Janeiro24/01/201910£3,135£307$600Request A Quote
OCS190219-16Valparaíso-Papeete19/02/201916£4,806£307$600Request A Quote
OCS190307-16Papeete to Auckland07/03/201916£4,806£307$600Request A Quote
OCS190408-18Sydney to Singapore08/04/201918£5,632£307$600Request A Quote
OCS190617-08San Francisco to Vancouver17/06/201908£2,508£307$600Request A Quote
OCS190910-07Round-Trip Vancouver10/09/201907£1,887£307$600Request A Quote
OCS190917-11Vancouver to Los Angeles17/09/201911£2,971£307$600Request A Quote
OCS191201-10Fort Lauderdale to Caldera01/12/201910£2,506£307$600Request A Quote
OCS191211-10Caldera to San Diego11/12/201910£2,311£307$600Request A Quote

Crystal Serenity: Eligible Voyages

CruiseFrom/ToDateDaysFares FromCCC Savings Option 1:
Cruise Fare Savings
CCC Savings Option 2:
Shipboard Spending Credits
OCY180415-11Mumbai to Dubai
15/04/201811£4,579£307$600Request A Quote
OCY180619-12Stockholm to London
19/06/201812£3,930£307$600Request A Quote
OCY180715-14Round-trip London
15/07/201814£6,430£307$600Request A Quote
OCY180729-14London to Monte Carlo
29/07/201814£4,790£307$600Request A Quote
OCY180812-07Monte Carlo to Barcelona
12/08/201807£2,792£307$600Request A Quote
OCY180819-12Barcelona to Venice
19/08/201812£3,792£307$600Request A Quote
OCY180909-14Round-trip Rome
09/09/201814£3,928£307$600Request A Quote
OCY180923-07Rome to Marseille
23/09/201807£2,947£307$600Request A Quote
OCY181110-11Lisbon to Fort Lauderdale
10/11/201811£2,609£307$600Request A Quote
OCY181121-16Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles
21/11/201816£4,313£307$600Request A Quote
OCY181207-14Round-Trip Los Angeles
07/12/201814£3,870£307$600Request A Quote
OCY190106-07Round-Trip Los Angeles
06/01/201907£2,872£307$600Request A Quote
OCY190220-21Perth to Cape Town02/20/201921£7,873£307$600Request A Quote
OCY190831-07Round-Trip Rome
06/01/201907£2,497£307$600Request A Quote
OCY190907-07Rome to Venice
07/09/201907£2,497£307$600Request A Quote
OCY191023-13Athens to Barcelona
23/10/201913£4,120£307$600Request A Quote

Crystal River Cruises

Explore the Danube, Rhine, Main and Moselle rivers aboard the luxurious all-suite, butler-serviced ships of Crystal River Cruises. Travel aboard Crystal Mozart, celebrated as the “Queen of the Danube,” or one of four brand new sister ships Crystal Bach, Crystal Mahler, Crystal Debussy and Crystal Ravel, with all accommodations situated above the water line and featuring Panoramic Balcony-windows™. No matter which river ship calls you to explore, you’ll enjoy a superior standard of personalized service, incredible cuisine and an ambience of casual elegance and welcoming comfort.

Crystal Mozart: Eligible Voyages

CruiseFrom/ToDateDaysFares FromCCC Savings Option 1:
Cruise Fare Savings
CCC Savings Option 2:
Shipboard Spending Credits
RMZ180409-10Round-trip Vienna
09/04/201810£3,822£307$600Request A Quote
RMZ180429-11Round-trip Vienna
29/04/201811£4,472£307$600Request A Quote
RMZ181031-10Round-trip Vienna
31/10/201810£3,472£307$600Request A Quote
RMZ181110-10Round-trip Vienna
10/11/201810£3,347£307$600Request A Quote
RMZ181120-10Round-trip Vienna
20/11/201810£3,272£307$600Request A Quote

Crystal Bach: Eligible Voyages

CruiseFrom/ToDateDaysFares FromCCC Savings Option 1:
Cruise Fare Savings
CCC Savings Option 2:
Shipboard Spending Credits
RBA180407-12Round-trip Amsterdam
07/04/201812£5,306£307$600Request A Quote
RBA180501-12Round-trip Amsterdam
01/05/201812£5,726£307$600Request A Quote
RBA180513-14Amsterdam to Frankfurt
13/05/201814£7,069£307$600Request A Quote
RBA180527-14Frankfurt to Amsterdam
27/05/201814£6,809£307$600Request A Quote
RBA180610-14Amsterdam to Frankfurt
10/06/201814£8,034£307$600Request A Quote
RBA180624-14Frankfurt to Amsterdam
24/06/201814£6,129£307$600Request A Quote
RBA180708-14Amsterdam to Frankfurt
08/07/201814£5,759£307$600Request A Quote
RBA180722-14Frankfurt to Amsterdam
22/07/201814£5,899£307$600Request A Quote
RBA180805-14Amsterdam to Frankfurt
05/08/201814£5,759£307$600Request A Quote
RBA180819-14Frankfurt to Amsterdam
19/08/201814£5,884£307$600Request A Quote
RBA180902-14Amsterdam to Frankfurt
02/09/201814£6,749£307$600Request A Quote
RBA180916-14Frankfurt to Amsterdam
16/09/201814£7,069£307$600Request A Quote
RBA180930-14Amsterdam to Frankfurt
30/09/201814£5,884£307$600Request A Quote
RBA181014-14Frankfurt to Amsterdam
14/10/201814£5,384£307$600Request A Quote
RBA181028-14Amsterdam to Frankfurt
28/10/201814£5,074£307$600Request A Quote
RBA181111-14Frankfurt to Amsterdam
11/11/201814£4,859£307$600Request A Quote
RBA181125-10Amsterdam to Basel
25/11/201810£4,522£307$600Request A Quote
RBA181215-11Amsterdam to Basel
15/12/201811£3,462£307$600Request A Quote

Crystal Mahler: Eligible Voyages

CruiseFrom/ToDateDaysFares FromCCC Savings Option 1:
Cruise Fare Savings
CCC Savings Option 2:
Shipboard Spending Credits
RMH180613-16Budapest to Amsterdam
13/06/201816£7,203£307$600Request A Quote
RMH180629-16Amsterdam to Budapest
29/06/201816£7,203£307$600Request A Quote
RMH181104-16Amsterdam to Budapest
04/11/201816£5,988£307$600Request A Quote
RMH181120-16Budapest to Amsterdam
20/11/201816£7493£307$600Request A Quote
RMH181206-16Amsterdam to Budapest
06/12/201816£5,393£307$600Request A Quote

Crystal Debussy: Eligible Voyages

CruiseFrom/ToDateDaysFares FromCCC Savings Option 1:
Cruise Fare Savings
CCC Savings Option 2:
Shipboard Spending Credits
RDB180803-10Amsterdam to Basel
03/08/201810£5,582£307$600Request A Quote
RDB181027-10Amsterdam to Basel
27/10/201810£4,682£307$600Request A Quote
RDB181113-10Amsterdam to Basel
13/11/201810£3,497£307$600Request A Quote
RDB181123-07Basel to Amsterdam
23/11/201807£3,150£307$600Request A Quote
RDB181130-10Amsterdam to Basel
30/11/201810£4,342£307$600Request A Quote

Crystal Ravel: Eligible Voyages

CruiseFrom/ToDateDaysFares FromCCC Savings Option 1:
Cruise Fare Savings
CCC Savings Option 2:
Shipboard Spending Credits
RRV180816-14Vienna to Basel
16/08/201814£6,594£307$600Request A Quote
RRV180830-14Basel to Vienna
30/08/201814£6,909£307$600Request A Quote
RRV180927-14Vienna to Basel
27/09/201814£6,969£307$600Request A Quote
RRV181025-14Vienna to Basel
25/10/201814£5,354£307$600Request A Quote
RRV181108-14Basel to Vienna
08/11/201814£4,884£307$600Request A Quote
RRV181122-07Vienna to Budapest
22/11/201807£2,460£307$600Request A Quote
Terms and Conditions
All fares herein are eligible for residents of the UK and Eire only are cruise only, apply to new bookings as of 1 April 2018, must be booked by 30 June 2018, are per person in pounds sterling based on double occupancy, including applicable taxes, fees and port charges which vary by departure. Crystal Clear Choices Offer applies to the first two full-fare guests (third berth not eligible) and requires each guest to choose his/her choice of credit/benefit to apply to the booking. Solo Traveler Fares are available upon request. Maximum Cruise Fare credit/savings of £307 per person,and Shipboard spending credits of $600 per person are non-transferable, non-refundable, and may not be reimbursed for cash value or used in the casino or for Bingo. Cruise Fare Savings and shipboard credit offer is only applicable to the first cruise of back-to-back bookings including featured Explorer Combination voyages and Full World Cruise voyages. Crystal Clear Choices Offer, including air-add-ons, is not combinable with Crystal Getaway voyage bookings and/or any promotional reduced-fare bookings. All offers may not be combinable with other promotions, are capacity controlled, are subject to availability, and may be withdrawn or changed at any time at the discretion of Crystal Cruises without notice.Crystal Cruises reserves the right to correct errors or omissions.
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