Take in the seasonal sights, scents and sounds of a magnificent Christmas Markets cruise along the legendary Danube, Rhine, Main and Moselle Rivers. Enjoy the exotic natural beauty of the Hawaiian Islands on an end-of-year luxury ocean voyage. Raise your glass to the New Year on the warm sandy beaches of the Caribbean on Travel + Leisure's "World's Best Small-ship Cruise Line,” Crystal Yacht Expedition Cruises. Your Crystal holiday experience, a voyage wrapped in the all-inclusive luxury and legendary hospitality for which Crystal is so well known, will provide you with memories to last a lifetime.

By Ocean, River or Yacht Expedition, worldwide holiday voyages offer award-winning style with traditional festivities, glittering décor, multi-faith services and more onboard. Fill your holiday wish lists with new adventures and magical memories with the ones you love most. Rich value offers make the celebration even sweeter, including:

  • Additional 2.5% Early Full Payment savings when paying in full 180 days prior to sailing
  • Complimentary select fine wines, champagne and premium spirits
  • Complimentary gratuities for all dining, bar, housekeeping and butler staff


Wrap your holidays in sunshine and adventure as you play on palm-fringed beaches, explore turquoise waters, and celebrate the paradise of your favorite tropical islands. Experience the most magical time of year with friends and loved ones on a worldwide collection of festive holiday sailings.

2018 Sailings

Cruise From/To Date Days Your Exclusive Fares Ship
OCS181108-24 Round-trip Fort Lauderdale 08/11/2018 24 £5,610 Crystal Symphony Get-a-Quote
YES181118-07 Round-trip Marigot 18/11/2018 7 £3,810 Crystal Esprit Get-a-Quote
OCY181121-16 Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles 21/11/2018 16 £4,003 Crystal Serenity Get-a-Quote
OCY181221-16 Round-trip Los Angeles 21/12/2018 16 £5,406 Crystal Serenity Get-a-Quote
OCS181222-14 Round-trip New Orleans 22/12/2018 14 £4,282 Crystal Symphony Get-a-Quote
OCS181222-33 New Orleans to Rio de Janeiro 22/12/2018 32 £6,764 Crystal Symphony Get-a-Quote
YES181223-11 Round-trip Marigot 23/12/2018 11 £6,763 Crystal Esprit Get-a-Quote


Cruise From/To Date Days Your Exclusive Fares Ship
YES191119-10 Round-trip Dubai 19/11/2019 10 £5,054 Crystal Esprit Get-a-Quote
OCY191124-12 Round-trip Fort Lauderdale 24/11/2019 12 £2,499 Crystal Serenity Get-a-Quote
OCS191124-07 Round-trip Fort Lauderdale 24/11/2019 7 £1,562 Crystal Symphony Get-a-Quote
OCS191221-15 Round-trip San Diego 21/12/2019 15 £4,969 Crystal Symphony Get-a-Quote
OCY191222-15 Round-trip Miami 22/12/2019 15 £5,602 Crystal Serenity Get-a-Quote
YES191223-11 Round-trip Dubai 23/12/2019 11 £7,099 Crystal Esprit Get-a-Quote


Cruise From/To Date Days Your Exclusive Fares Ship
OCS201108-29 Dubai to Singapore 08/11/2020 29 £7,121 Crystal Symphony Get-a-Quote
OCS201121-16 Mumbai to Singapore 21/11/2020 16 £3,959 Crystal Symphony Get-a-Quote
OCS201207-30 Singapore to Bangkok 07/12/2020 30 £8,020 Crystal Symphony Get-a-Quote
OCS201222-15 Hong Kong to Bangkok 22/12/2020 15 £4,652 Crystal Symphony Get-a-Quote
OCY201223-13 Round-trip Miami 23/12/2020 13 £4,882 Crystal Serenity Get-a-Quote
YES201223-11 Round-Trip Dubai 23/12/2020 11 £8,997 Crystal Esprit Get-a-Quote


Step aboard the World’s Most Luxurious River Cruise Line and revel in the traditional warmth of Europe’s most famous Christmas markets and end-of-year festivities. Exclusive events and a Crystal Collection of complimentary shore excursions will fill you with the joy of the season.


Cruise From/To Date Days Your Exclusive Fares Ship
RBA181111-14 Frankfurt to Amsterdam 11/11/2018 14 £5,979 Crystal Bach Get-a-Quote
RMZ181120-10 Round-trip Vienna 20/11/2018 10 £2,267 Crystal Mozart Get-a-Quote
RMH181120-16 Budapest to Amsterdam 20/11/2018 16 £5,528 Crystal Mahler Get-a-Quote
RRV181122-07 Vienna to Budapest 22/11/2018 7 £2,845 Crystal Ravel Get-a-Quote
RDB181123-07 Basel to Amsterdam 23/11/2018 7 £3,150 Crystal Debussy Get-a-Quote
RBA181125-10 Amsterdam to Basel 25/11/2018 10 £4,522 Crystal Bach Get-a-Quote
RRV181129-07 Budapest to Vienna 29/11/2018 7 £3,315 Crystal Ravel Get-a-Quote
RMZ181130-10 Round-trip Vienna 30/11/2018 10 £3,187 Crystal Mozart Get-a-Quote
RDB181130-10 Amsterdam to Basel 30/11/2018 10 £4,037 Crystal Debussy Get-a-Quote
RBA181205-10 Basel to Amsterdam 05/12/2018 10 £4,632 Crystal Bach Get-a-Quote
RMH181206-16 Amsterdam to Budapest 06/12/2018 16 £5,088 Crystal Mahler Get-a-Quote
RRV181206-07 Vienna to Budapest 06/12/2018 7 £3,055 Crystal Ravel Get-a-Quote
RMZ181210-10 Round-trip Vienna 10/12/2018 10 £3,032 Crystal Mozart Get-a-Quote
RDB181210-07 Basel to Amsterdam 10/12/2018 7 £3,055 Crystal Debussy Get-a-Quote
RRV181213-07 Budapest to Vienna 13/12/2018 7 £2,815 Crystal Ravel Get-a-Quote
RBA181215-11 Amsterdam to Basel 15/12/2018 11 £3,317 Crystal Bach Get-a-Quote
RMH181215-07 Regensburg to Budapest 15/12/2018 7 £2,185 Crystal Mahler Get-a-Quote
RDB181217-10 Amsterdam to Basel 17/12/2018 10 £4,887 Crystal Debussy Get-a-Quote
RMZ181220-13 Round-trip Vienna 20/12/2018 13 £4,030 Crystal Mozart Get-a-Quote
RRV181222-13 Round-trip Vienna 22/12/2018 13 £4,235 Crystal Ravel Get-a-Quote
RMH181222-11 Budapest to Nuremberg 22/12/2018 11 £3,422 Crystal Mahler Get-a-Quote


Cruise From/To Date Days Your Exclusive Fares Ship
RMZ191111-07 Budapest to Vienna 11/11/2019 7 £1,715 Crystal Mozart Get-a-Quote
RBA191117-07 Basel to Amsterdam 17/11/2019 7 £2,230 Crystal Bach Get-a-Quote
RRV191117-07 Vienna Roundtrip 17/11/2019 7 £2,005 Crystal Ravel Get-a-Quote
RMH191117-07 Passau to Budapest 17/11/2019 7 £2,230 Crystal Mahler Get-a-Quote
RMZ191118-07 Vienna to Budapest 18/11/2019 7 £1,715 Crystal Mozart Get-a-Quote
RBA191124-10 Round-trip Amsterdam 24/11/2019 10 £3,917 Crystal Bach Get-a-Quote
RRV191124-07 Vienna Roundtrip 24/11/2019 7 £2,005 Crystal Ravel Get-a-Quote
RMH191124-07 Budapest to Passau 24/11/2019 7 £2,340 Crystal Mahler Get-a-Quote
RMZ191125-07 Budapest to Vienna 25/11/2019 7 £1,715 Crystal Mozart Get-a-Quote
RDB191129-07 Basel to Amsterdam 29/11/2019 7 £2,230 Crystal Debussy Get-a-Quote
RMH191201-07 Passau to Budapest 01/12/2019 7 £2,230 Crystal Mahler Get-a-Quote
RRV191201-10 Vienna Roundtrip 01/12/2019 10 £3,847 Crystal Ravel Get-a-Quote
RMZ191202-07 Vienna to Budapest 02/12/2019 7 £2,105 Crystal Mozart Get-a-Quote
RBA191204-07 Amsterdam to Basel 04/12/2019 7 £2,455 Crystal Bach Get-a-Quote
RDB191206-10 Amsterdam to Basel 06/12/2019 10 £3,507 Crystal Debussy Get-a-Quote
RMH191208-07 Budapest to Passau 08/12/2019 7 £2,230 Crystal Mahler Get-a-Quote
RMZ191209-07 Budapest to Vienna 09/12/2019 7 £2,105 Crystal Mozart Get-a-Quote
RBA191211-07 Basel to Amsterdam 11/12/2019 7 £2,455 Crystal Bach Get-a-Quote
RRV191211-10 Vienna Roundtrip 11/12/2019 10 £3,027 Crystal Ravel Get-a-Quote
RMH191215-07 Passau to Budapest 15/12/2019 7 £2,230 Crystal Mahler Get-a-Quote
RDB191216-07 Basel to Amsterdam 16/12/2019 7 £2,625 Crystal Debussy Get-a-Quote
RRV191221-12 Vienna Roundtrip 21/12/2019 12 £4,871 Crystal Ravel Get-a-Quote
RMH191222-11 Budapest to Nuremberg 22/12/2019 11 £4,817 Crystal Mahler Get-a-Quote
RDB191223-10 Amsterdam to Basel 23/12/2019 10 £3,992 Crystal Debussy Get-a-Quote
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